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Hasty Pudding Theatricals present HPT 170: Intermission Impossible

Places, everyone! World War II is over, New York is booming, and alcoholic playwright TENNESSEE  WHISKEY is making his Broadway debut. After aging actress  FAYE DINAWAY is deemed too old for her role, struggling deli waitress  MEGAN  ITBIG gets her chance to audition. But when America’s sweetheart and ditzy pageant queen  AMBER WAVESOFGRAIN lands the lead, Megan teams up with Faye to reclaim the spotlight. Will hunky sailor  SAL  PACIFICfind his first mate, or will he stay at half mast? Will cranky Southern matron  AUNTIE  BELLUM learn to accept the “alternative lifestyle” of her nephew Tennessee? Will Shakespearean director  TOBY  ORNOTTOBE realize his vision, or will it turn into a comedy of errors? Can no-nonsense taxi driver  HAILEY  CAB learn that all’s fare in love and war? Will it ever be explained why  RICKEY  RAT can talk? Catch these dames putting the broad in Broadway in  HPT  170: Intermission Impossible!

If you have any questions please reach out to tickets@hastypudding.org or give the Hasty Pudding a call at (617) 495-5205.

Tickets Prices: Weekdays, $30; Sunday, $40

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