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TEDxHarvardCollege is Harvard University's premier university-wide TEDx event. Staffed by undergraduates, advised by graduate students and faculty, and featuring alumni and fellows from all around the university, TEDxHarvardCollege aims to showcase the biggest ideas in the University on the world's biggest platform!

TEDxHarvardCollege 2017 is proud to present “Stargazing”—in which we’ll celebrate the leaps of imagination and incidental thoughts that have evolved into the world-changing ideas fueling this era. Our daydreams, visions, and speculations contain the seeds of invention, allowing us to envision and generate a future that had once lived merely as a fantasy. Sometimes, all we need to do is look up at the stars for the answers.

Ticket Prices: Full Price: $40.00; Students: $20.00; Harvard Students: $11.00 (special discount!)

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