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TEDxHarvardCollege is Harvard University's premier university-wide TEDx event. Staffed by undergraduates, advised by graduate students and faculty, and featuring alumni and fellows from all around the university, TEDxHarvardCollege aims to showcase the biggest ideas in the University on the world's biggest platform!

For the Fall 2018 TEDxHarvardCollege event the official theme will be about critical thinking in the broadest sense of that phrase. This includes thinking about different ways to approach tasks – common or uncommon indiscriminately – innovative thinking, life improvement, motivational speaking, management of time, money, people, or things, popularity, human nature, implications of advancement, and many other topics. Our tagline is What if I’m Wrong? This simple, yet powerful, phrase represents the first step of critical thinking– openness to change and different perspectives. Just by saying these four words, you unlock endless possibilities of growth.

Ticket Prices: Full Price: $40.00; Students: $20.00; Harvard ID: $15.00
Early bird price through October 10th for Harvard Students: $11.00 (1 ticket per ID).

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